The difference between order cancellation and invalidation

1. Cancellation and invalidation

Cancellation and invalidation are two different order operations, among which:

1.1 Order Cancellation

After the order is "cancelled", the uncompleted order will be directly cancelled from the exchange matching queue. If the customer needs to place an order again, the order price and quantity need to be re-entered.

1.2 Invalidation

After the order is "invalid", the unfilled order will be directly withdrawn from the exchange matching queue, but the order information (such as price and quantity) will continue to be retained in the Futu trading system. After the order is "validated", the order Re-submit to the exchange according to the original price and quantity, and the re-validated orders need to be re-queued in the order of price priority and time priority. The invalidation operation is a menu used by high-frequency traders or investors who have high requirements for operation speed, which can facilitate customers to quickly suspend/resubmit orders according to changes in market conditions.