How to trade futures with Futu

You can trade futures just by following the three steps below: opening a futures account, transferring funds, and placing an order. Here is how you can do it:

1. Open a futures account

You must have a securities accounts before you can open a futures account.

If you already have a securities account, you can open a futures account by.

tapping the 「Quotes」 tab, swiping on the tab bar at the top, and tapping the 「Futures Account」 tab.

2. Transfer funds

You can transfer funs only through cash transfer so that your futures account has sufficient funds for trading.

Cash transfer: Funds are transferred from your securities account to your futures account for trading, and transferred funds will be credited to your futures account in real time.

To transfer funds, you can:

(1) tap the 「Trade」 tab, and then "Futures Account" at the top to access the futures account page;

(2) tap 「Cash Transfer」 to access the fund transfer page;

3. Place an order

You can place an order on the order transaction page. To do so, you can:

(1) tap the 「Trade」 tab to access the futures account page, tap "Trade", and enter a contract code;

(2) tap a specific futures contract to access its detailed quotes page, and tap "Trade" in the lower left corner.