Futu Securities Management and Employees Conduct Shoreline Cleanup Operation at Sandy Bay to Promote Environmental Protection and Sustainability All Together!

November 29, 2021 (Hong Kong)

Futu Securities International (Hong Kong) Limited, as the leading local brokerage company, (「Futu Securities」) has always strived to bring positive benefits to the environment and wider society as a whole. Earlier, Futu Securities voluntarily conducted a  shoreline cleanup operation at Sandy Bay in Po Fu Lam, on 27 November. The operation aims to support and respond to the problem of marine debris with actions as well as to contribute to a cleaner coast, of which it is in line with our continuous commitment to sustainability and innovation.

Futu Securities Employees Work Together to Promote Marine Environmental Protection

12,000 tons of floating refuse and about 4,000 tons of domestic refuse from vessels are collected locally each year, regarding to the market statistics. The harm of the marine ecology cannot be ignored, and Futu Securities regards this is our part of responsibility to step out and contribute to the environmental protection through organizing the shoreline cleanup operation. Over 70 employees teamed up in 4 to collect and sort out different types of garbage, and  transported them to a local Waste Treatment Centre in batches. Together, we  hope to draw awareness on  coastal landscape and marine ecosystems protection by our actions. 

Mr. Arthur Yu Chen, Managing Director of Futu Securities, said: " Futu Securities is always committed to integrating sustainability and innovation across our business. As an established company with global presence, we strive to maximize our sustainability impact to the community as well as achieving business advances. We believe in creating shared value with our clients, staffs and all the community members, with the endeavor to fulfill corporate social responsivities in adherence to the spirit of 「giving back to society」. I am glad to see the changes we made through our actions making a positive impact on our environment, and appreciate the contributions made by all Futu Securities volunteers. Maybe it a just a small step to the change of the environment, most importantly, we wish to raise public awareness of environmental protection and gather the Hong Kong Citizens strengthen with our social power to facilitate sustainable development for Hong Kong.